Membership is open to all well-meaning adult members of the public who have met the membership conditions

Members shall be categorized as follows:

Steps to become a member

The Secretariat

The Secretariat is the organization executive branch under the Authority of POLAC, The Secretary General and the staff implement the programme as adopted by the General Assembly of Peace Advocates.

  1. He shall sit in as the secretary of the Advisory Council
  2. The secretary General shall maintain a register of members at the secretariat.
  3. The Secretariat provides consultancy, support members of the organization, and assist in the coordination of the activities and in maintaining recruitment standards. It provides secretariat and administrative services to the regional fellowship, world fellowship and to any subsidiary group established by POLAC.

Standing Committees

  1. Peace committee
  2. Finance Committee
  3. Membership Committee
  4. Human Rights Committee
  5. Editorial Committee
  6. Welfare/Social Services Committee
  7. Disciplinary and Ethics Committee
  8. Project Committee
  9. Any other Committee that may be necessary for the attainment of the aims and objectives of POLAC.

Membership in the International College of Peace Advocates

Diplomat – DRCPA

Fellow – FRCPA

Associate – ARCPA

Member – MRCPA

International Office

This is created at World level. It is headed by an International President and assisted by Vice President with other officers spread to cover departments. At the discretion of the International President. There are also several board appointees serving as BOARD ADVISERS.

They include past International president, Past International Directors, past officers of good record.

National Office

A Country President heads this. A nation or country may be divided into zones to aid good governance and implementation of programmes. National Advisory Councils shall be constituted to act as in the constitution of POLAC. Each Country UN-POLAC is supervised by a country administrator/Desk officer and responsible to the International President.